Migrating to Drupal

Of all the CMS products I’ve tried, Drupal seemed at first to be confusing.  Having tried many and used DotNetNuke in several instances, I wanted top migrate a site developed in Concrete 5 which had been easy to set up but pretty unstable when it came to upgrading and editing.

It took about an hour of reading before making a start, but I found most of the work could be done within a day for mostly static text site.

Getting SMTP to function on the contact form took a little fiddling around as did setting up to embed media content.

One of the great features of Drupal I found was the ability to creat URL aliases such that the new site slotted straight into where the old had been hosted, while retaining all the links posted in blogs and forums to refer to web content.


There’s a lot of choice when it comes to templates .  I chose the simple Garland theme which was good enough for my needs. Changing colours on the fly is another benefit that isn’t so easily done on other CMS.

All that was needed to slot into the existing host folder was renaming  the folders and editing the htaccess file.

I’m a beginner right now, but so far,  haven’t seen anything better than this.

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