All lives have equal value

The statement may be found on the website of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has considerable resonance with our own argument that human beings are not disposable, which is the fundamental predicate of People-Centered  Economic Development.

Just recenty I’d related  how, when it came to the matter of leveraging support for human rights action from government,  some animals, notable the venture capitalist are more equal than others. 

There’s been a massive recent display of public feeling in India over the student who died after a brutal rape. In Ukraine there was a similar incident earlier this year when Oksana Makar  a teenage girl had been set on fire after her rape ordeal, to die in hospital as had the Indian girl.

In Los Angeles too, we hear of a homeless woman of 67, set of fire while sleeping on a public bench.

Clearly there’s a problem of violence against women, but it this not also a problem of percieved value, that some are consifered consumable and disposable as human beings?  That as yet, we have a long way to go before all lives have equal value?

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