The irony of Tony Blair’s website

His Faith Foundation site has been compromised to serve malware, we’re informed by Twitter users.

I was immediately reminded of a quote from Tolstoy in ‘The Law of  Love and the Law of Violence’

‘Each step we make today towards material progress not only does not advance us towards the general well-being, but shows us, on the contrary, that all these technical improvements only increase our miseries. One can imagine other machines, submarine, subterranean and aerial, for transporting men with the rapidity of lightning; one could multiply to infinity the means of propagating human speech and thought, but it would remain no less the case that these travellers, so comfortably and rapidly transported, are neither willing nor able to commit anything but evil, and the thoughts and words they pour forth would only incite men to further harm’

One is left to wonder which is the lesser evil, malware or thoughts poured forth by this former leader.  Some might even see this compromise as an Act of God.

I was wrting recently about the partnership of his Faith Foundation with that of a leading oligarch, while we struggled to gain support for those most vulnerable in Ukraine.

Social Enterprise in Ukraine

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