Melbourne candidate threatens legal action

When the Herald Sun mentions the name of Anthony van der Craats, you can be sure that it’s got something to do with legal action.  This is the man who claimed loss of earnings when he crashed his scooter in a Safeway car park and last  featured as a innocent victim of Skype fraud

In this instance, he fears the election will be stolen by ballot stuffing, pointing the finger at rival candidate  Azzeezur Rahaman.

He’s good at pointing the finger where his own behaviour demands scrutiny . Psychologists call it projection.   According to his own sister, a UK barrister , the entire family is dysfunctional.

There’s a reason for me keeping a copy of that page from their family history. I’d been threatened with legal action too, after I’d identified Anthony van der Craats as the author of an anonymous blog site.  When a telephone caller introduced herself as Prudence Blackwood, the connection was easy to find. It should be self- evident that it was hurriedly deleted when she realised someone was on to her.

As one may clearly see, from what he writes about my colleague and I,  he’s a man who makes pointing the finger an art form,  taking it as far as gloating over the death of a colleague and friend Terry Hallman.

God help you Melbourne, if this voice of truth and justice becomes your mayor.

This is but one of his publication.  Ukraine Today is another which reflects his support for the Party of Region in Ukraine, a country where ballot stuffing is so rife, some polls exceed 100% of the electorate.  It’s the party who in government deal with the opposition by putting them in prison.

So prolific is Anthony van der Craats in the creation of new identities, that he’s been removed from Wikipedia as a suspected sock puppet.  Ironically he has a brother  Chris who runs a Punch and Judy show. It’s for the observer to determine who runs the better puppet show.

His reason for being in Ukraine have  something to do with being  some kind of activist for proportional representation and while we had a business operation there, he’d approached us for support with his business visa application.  It was clear that he had no real business there and being wary of his intentions,  we turned him down.

He doesn’t react well when his own motives are questioned.

He was later to be found described as a consultant, to a children’s charity called Magic Camp.

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