Samsung and Apple battle for moral high ground

Most of us have read stories of how Apple has built an empire on the backs of exploited Chinese workers and more recently, how Samsung  has had to cough up 1.5 billion dollars for infringing Apple copyright.

Now there’s a new angle a Apple devotee,  has discovered Samsung doing something anti-social too and wants to tell the world about it.

Stop exploiting child labourers says the petition

Has it come to this in the world of social innovation, that corporate supporters throw mud at each other to undermine each others business?

They’ve really overlooked the broader issue of how these profit maximising companies impact the DR Congo, where 5 million have died in violence, largely attributable to the competition for mineral resources.  Listen to what Eve Ensler has to say about it.

Is it really about children being exploited?

When there was no consumer product associated with child exploitation,  there was clearly a lack of interest from, the site which now draws our  attention to Samsung wrong doings.


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