Free Yulia Tymoshenko

It can’t have escaped the notice of many people that the  game of football,   has become associated with the persecution of a former government led by Yulia Tymoshenko, a prominent figure in the Orange Revolution.

Part of the campaign to release her has called for pressure on the current government which would  involved restricting their ability to travel and move money.

Back in 2005, the government which she led was under attack. Not only in economic pressure from Russia on  Ukraine’s fuel prices, but also from the United States, where among right-wingers, there was some consternation about her somewhat “socialist” stance.

In his article ‘Really Betraying a Revolution’,  P-CED founder Terry Hallman offered a redaction  to Ander Aslund’s article in the Washington Post, describing his actions as those as an economic hit man. He goes on to describe how British Petroleum in their partnership with TNK were being co-opted into Kremlin policy.

In a subsequent interview he’d spoken about investing his life in Ukraine and his work focussing on poverty, childcare reform and  a more recent article about an NGO’s visit to a place called Torez, describing it and others like it as,  ‘Death Camps: For Children’.  Tymoshenko’s government adopts several recommendations made in it and the subsequent ‘Marshall Plan’ strategy paper.

He’ said  “Excuses won’t work, particularly in light of a handful of oligarchs in Ukraine having been allowed to loot Ukraine’s economy for tens of billions of dollars. I point specifically to Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Poroshenko, and Kuchma, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list. These people can single-handedly finance 100% of all that will ever be needed to save Ukraine’s orphans. None of them evidently bother to think past their bank accounts, and seem to have at least tacit blessings at this point from the new regime to keep their loot while no one wants to consider Ukraine’s death camps, and the widespread poverty that produced them”.

After Yulia’s widely promoted meeting with Margaret Thatcher,  The People First Foundation is launched in Ukraine. It has connections with the UK Conservative think tank, Respublica whose director is Philip Blond, a man with a personal connection in Ukraine.

In 2011, one of the People First founders published an article in the Sunday Times about Torez,  which concluded:

“If by our deliberate blindness, children are allowed to suffer such depravities then, by our inaction, we are all guilty.”

Curiously, it omits the man with whom locals associate this issue and makes a children’s champion of Rinat Akhmetov who is referred to in 2007,  in an apparent attempt to hijack the ‘Marshall Plan’ concept.  It begs the question if his intention is to resolve the problems within 5 years why didn’t he start 5 years ago?

It is soon followed by the photographic evidence, known to exist in 2006

Taking action to defend copyright on behalf of “those in greatest need”  the ‘Marshall Plan’  was published online and offered a radical view for an alternative to capitalism

Blond himself, joins the “post capitalist” cause soon after.  His view of dispossession reflecting the fundamental predicate from Terry Hallman’s work on people-centered economics, that humans are not disposable , which is essentially the fate of Ukraine’s imperfect children and perhaps their former Prime Minister.

The rest as we say, is history.  At Davos 2009 Conservative leader David Cameron describes a kinder capitalism and when elected to Prime Minister begins to describe his vision of a ‘Big Society’

On the day of his election, he was asked to support this new capitalism and Ukraine’s abandoned children.

Cameron’s view of capitalism from a speech earlier this year, seems to closely resemble Terry Hallman’s presentations on Economics for Ecology.

Terry Hallman’s last action was to call on the US Ambassador for a stronger US position. He’d called on the  Senate for support 3 years earlier with  “an alternative form of capitalism, where profits and/or aid money are put to use in investment vehicles with the singular purpose of helping the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.”

Call me an idealist, but brushing aside these most vulnerable people and those who champion them, isn’t the kind of enlightenment we’d hoped for.  As it was put, 15 years ago, “dismissing people and consciously leaving them to die is probably not the way to go”.

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